Not everyone has worked with a professional photographer, and that’s okay! There's no reason to feel nervous or anxious. I want to give you the photos of your dreams, and that can only truly happen if we are both on the same page. If all this sounds good so far, then keep on reading!


Think of me more as your best friend, your third wheel with you on a date, capturing the in between moments and the TRULY candid moments that you dream about having to remember. I will not tell you to hold still and smile. I don't like to force the moment. I only want you to smile if you’re feeling it. If it’s truly the emotion you’re feeling in that moment.

And don't worry! I have some tricks up my sleeve to make sure you are both ready to love on each other when the time comes.


Living in the Moment - not 'faking' it

The truly candid stuff are those moments when you forget I’m there. When you’re wrapped up in your own world together - the music getting louder, lights getting brighter, your worlds getting closer. When you look deep into each other’s eyes and dream of your lives together. The possibilities. When you start holding each other because you realize that this is it. The person you love, and the rest of your life, right now.

Contact me

Let's break the ice!

Every friendship starts with some sort of foundation. I’m a huge coffee person - I’m always looking for a good atmosphere and great blends! And before we go out and shoot, I wanna make sure we get to know each other. Let’s go get a burger and some beer, or pastries and coffee. You name it, I’m down. I want to meet you both face to face (not just over a screen), and hang out like pals first!

Capturing the moments you didn't know you wanted...

A Timeless Investment

The images that bring you back to an emotion are the ones that will forever remain important to you. You’re not thinking about it now - but photography shouldn’t just be something on a checklist that you need to accomplish. Photography is arguably THE most important thing to invest in on your wedding day and because you’re putting me in charge of your memories, my goal is for you to have images that will last for years to come.



“As a wedding planner, I know one of the most important vendors for a wedding is the photographer, and it's hard to find a good one. Brandon is superb and is always willing to try new things. He thrives in the outdoors. My most recent client had to switch venues to a different city last minute due to COVID and Brandon didn't miss a beat. His photos were fantastic and he is wonderful to work with. I'll definitely be working with Brandon again in the future.”