Brandon Ulp



After graduating from high school in the spring of 2012, Brandon attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh focusing on aspects of cinematography and photography. Concentrating on various techniques, Brandon dedicated his time in learning what it takes to create remarkable compositions. Often leading teams of people on location in creating stunning visuals, Brandon has been extensively involved in aspects of production, ranging anywhere from storyboarding, shooting, editing to marketing the finished product.

Wanting to heighten his career experience, Brandon accepted an internship with Teton Gravity Research in the winter of 2014. Knowing that every aspect of a production is crucial to the end product, Brandon knew that the knowledge gained from the post production side of things would help elevate his understanding of how different compositions work with certain ideas. Watching footage being sent back from professionals out in the field opened Brandon’s eyes about what worked well, and the dedication that it takes to capture that picturesque moment. When it comes to composing images, moving or not, this knowledge is priceless. Being able to see the entire process, from start to finish, enabled Brandon the vision in which to understand key techniques available in order to manipulate images, reflecting a more valued result for the needs of the company.

Having years of experience working with and leading teams of people in the field, Brandon thrives in working with experienced and professional individuals that want to help take their work to the next level. 



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